Stay active – keeping your body and mind engaged // Pure Barre Kingstowne Spotlight

As many creatives, I could not wait to take my photography full time! Finally in October 2015, that dream became a reality. What I didn’t consider, is that I was going from a very active children’s gym job to a sitting 90% of the time job. Very quickly I gained  more weight, got in an unthinkable rut of constant snacking of anything I could find and became more unmotivated about exercise. There were days where I’d attempt to run, but it was so hard that I just stopped. There were days where I went back to my intense interval workout classes I attended previously (I made it through two), but again it wasn’t the best starting point as I felt discouraged. So enter….PURE BARRE.


A new Pure Barre Studio opened up, and I went to try the class. I never looked back. If you don’t know, Pure Barre is a full body work out that is low-impact, and therefore perfect for those that may have injuries, are just getting back into working out or really anyone. I felt so welcome at Pure Barre Kingstowne, with the smiling faces of the instructors, be at a 5am class or 6pm. The encouragement makes you want to go back. Finally, each class I attend, I feel challenged, and walk out feeling so accomplished for taking care of myself.




Who wouldn’t want to see these lovely faces at 5am?! 



Pure Barre worked for me in not only making me feel healthy, but it makes days that I have to shoot weddings a lot less miserable on my body. Strengthening my legs, arms and core, I can now stay up on my feet for 8 hours and still feel great!

So I encourage everyone in the creative industry who may be struggling like I did, to find what works for you! Because at the end of the day, our health is the most important thing we have.

  • Alex - Oh, I am so glad you posted about this. I just went to “half” partime (3 half days) with my other job and can’t wait until weddings are my full time. But, even now, I am struggling with snacking, not moving, and not loving my body image because I’m just not as healthy as I was when I was working even part time! I need to put exercise into my daily routine. Thanks for the encouragement!ReplyCancel

    • - Alex, you can do it! My huge thing was also I realized what snacks that weren’t bad for me I can fill up on (carrots and hummus), and ultimately knew that if I wasn’t going to a class where Someone held me accountable (Pure Barre Charges you if you don’t cancel hours in advance), I wouldn’t push myself. It’s hard some days, but waking up for a 5am class, and knowing I’ve already done something for myself keeps me going! Good luck lady!ReplyCancel

  • hannah - I’ve never heard of Pure Barre before! I’m definitely intrigued! And I’m sure the instructors are loving those headshots & beautiful photos of the studio!ReplyCancel

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