Best biscuit recipe | Food is a Love language

Being raised in Russia and Georgia is very similar to the Greek culture you see portrayed in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Being loud and always eating or being fed. If you go to someone’s house as a guest, you bring something…ALWAYS. It could be flowers, but often it is chocolate or cake. And of course you eat the cake with tea right away. While growing up and to this day, first question my grandma asks, is what I want to eat. Naturally, I picked that up an am always cooking and always feeding friends and family. Needless to say, I believe that cooking for someone and food, truly is a love language.

Though there are so many meal boxes going around, such as Blue Apron that have moved people back to not only cooking at home but also exploring new dishes, and that is wonderful. However, I think finding a recipe, going grocery shopping and finally cooking the dish, makes the whole precess complete.

Because of that, I have decided to start sharing some of my favorite, proved recipes. I did not make them up, and will include the original source. But how many of us open a recipe, and with all the word and one picture automatically decide it is too hard. My goal is to get you to cook for your husband, your wife (we really appreciate a surprise meal!), or family. To let you know, it’s ok to mess up, but also that it’s ok to try.

First up is a biscuit recipe from Southern Living.  Biscuits are wonderful, because you can eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Quick to make and sure to impress anyone!


Seriously, go make those now! Make sure to come back soon as I will be posting new recipes every week!

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